Meet Prophetess/Dr. E. Denise Mather

Prophetess/ Dr. E. Denise Mather was born in a small community name Mather Town on the Island of Freeport Grand Bahama, to Masonry Tellis and Civil Servant Rev. Blanche Mather. The second of six children were known in her community as a “the Bible girl”.

As a child when missionaries came to host street meetings along with her Mother this young warrior would be foot to foot behind them, carrying their bibles, water and handing them towel or whatever type of cloth they would use to wipe their faces. As a child, Prophetess Mather would teach and preach to the trees, soda cans, tea bags, cats, dogs, furniture’s and to any of the kids in the community that would come to hear her and even some adults under the juju tree and at times in front of the yard, hitting on buckets while the kids put stone in soda cans for tambourines adding sound to their singing. It was during this time as a young child that she realized not only the call of God was upon her life to teach, preach but also to prophecy. As A child she would see what her peers and even some adults could not see and hear what some would not hear. Her dreams would come to pass and as others talk their dreams not necessarily to her but within her presence, she was able to interpret it. Fascinated by what she felt and saw she wanted to share this gift with others but would meet with rejects by some in the community and in school.

At the tender age of thirteen she accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. At the age of twenty-one she accepted the call into full time ministry. God has used and equipped this vessel to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, United States of America, South and West Africa, England and Jerusalem teaching, preaching and prophesying as the Lord gave utterance.

Being a global voice and world renowned speaker on many platforms, Dr. Mather gives all glory to God for her success in ministry and academics; She is the President and CEO of Invading Force Ministries International. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Pastoral Christian Ministries with a concentration in Church Administration and Psychology from the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Masters of Arts Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia,  Recognized in the All American Scholar Yearbook, among some of America’s Top Students, Dr. Mather as also held positions such as Director of Local and International Ministries, Teachers Assistant in Psychology and Theology at Oral Roberts University. Guidance Counselor for Youth’s, Officer of the Statutory Board in the Bahamas for over three years; A Member of International Third World Leaders Association, founded by the late Dr. Myles E. Munroe, building a global Kingdom community to transform the culture of the world, with an International Association of Kingdom churches and Ministries.

For the past ten Years Prophetess/Dr. Mather has hosted an Annual Conference in Freeport, Grand Bahama, (Prayer, Praise and Deliverance) that has not only attracted international speakers but international delegates as well. Throughout the year Prophetess/Dr. Mather also hosts Leadership Seminars, Revivals, Outreaches and Prayer Events just to name a few and on Tuesday and Thursday nights she can be heard on her weekly Conference Call teaching, preaching and empowering men, women, boys and girls for the Kingdom of God. Equipped with kingdom principles and precepts. Prophetess/Dr. Mather is a dynamic speaker, Spiritual mother, Covering, Mentor, Teacher, Sister, Friend to many men and women across the world and also the Author of Broken but Not beyond Repair and many more in the making. On October 24, 2015 in the city of Atlanta Georgia, Dr. Mather was recognized by the United Nations and was be restored upon her an Ambassador of the United Nation. Not only that, but the CICA will also recognized Dr. Mather for her long-time years of service in the ministry and honored her with the honorary Doctoral of Divinity under the International University and Seminaries organization!!

Dr. Mather thank God for the many achievements but her greatest achievement is obeying the voice of God. As she have said over and over again, take away all the titles just give me Jesus. No matter where you find this young woman, she will always be operating in her God given authority, making a difference in the lives of those she comes in contact with; thus bringing about an unforgettable change. The call of God has truly shaped the way Dr. Mather sees the world and ministry at large; although there have been trying times she refuses to be discouraged. She has a deep-seated desire to reach the world with the Word of God and see the transformation of the lives of others. The hand of God is upon her and she will continue to follow the plan He has laid out for her life. Her heart’s desire is for souls to come to know the Lord as their personal Savior and for her NOT to lose her relationship with God.